Ending Economic Coercion and the Consequences of Sanctions Removal

(Committee Members: Navin A. Bapat (chair), Mark J.C. Crescenzi, Stephen Gent, Anna Bassi, Cameron Ballard-Rosa)

Manuscripts Under Review

  • Achieving Economic Peace: Ending Sanctions in the Shadow of Information Problems

Papers in Progress

  • Sustaining Economic Peace: When Do Sanctions Snap Back?
  • Economic Sanctions, Foreign Direct Investment, and Firms’ Ex Ante Risk Assessment
  • David vs. Goliath: Why Do Authoritarian Leaders Sanction Major Powers? (with Yuree Noh)
  • Economic Sanctions and Strategic Target Aggression (with Navin A. Bapat)
  • The Dynamics of Terrorist Organizations’ Shift into Politics (with Chelsea Estancona and Stephen Gent)