Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. “No Entry in a Pandemic: Public Support for Border Closures” with Yoshiharu Kobayashi, Tobias Heinrich, and William Christiansen. 2022. American Journal of Political Science (conditionally accepted)
  2. “Achieving Economic Peace: Ending Sanctions in the Shadow of Bargaining Problems” 2022. Foreign Policy Analysis. (conditionally accepted)
  3. Researching Modern Economic Sanctions” with Bryan R. Early. 2021. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [Book Chapter]
  4. “Economic Sanctions in Flux: Enduring Challenges, New Policies, and Defining the Future Research Agenda” with Bryan R. Early. 2020. International Studies Perspectives.
    • “Introduction“ with Bryan R. Early
    • “The Consequences of Economic Sanctions.” with David Lektzian, Susan Allen and Yi-hao Su.
  5. “Economic Coercion and the Problem of Sanctions-Proofing” with Navin A. Bapat. 2020. Conflict Management and Peace Science. 

Manuscripts Under Review

  1. Sanctions and Strategic Target Aggression” with Navin A. Bapat (Revise and Resubmit) 
  2. Fighting COVID-19, Foregoing Civil Liberties? Results from a Cross-National Survey” with Tobias Heinrich and Yoshiharu Kobayashi
  3. Pandemics and Policy Entrenchment: Public Support for Anti-Coronavirus Policies of Varying Duration” with Tobias Heinrich and Yoshiharu Kobayashi

Papers in Progress

  1. Sustaining Economic Peace: When Do Sanctions Snap Back?
  2. Economic Sanctions, Foreign Direct Investment, and Firms’ Ex Ante Risk Assessment
  3. Race to Adapt: Multilateral Sanctions and Criminal Sanctions-Busting Networks with Chelsea Estancona
  4. Examination of Turkish Public Attitudes towards U.S. Sanctions” with Efe Tokdemir